Creative Miracles

Marc Dupont, minister, prophet and revivalist, has in his book Healing Today (co-written with Anglican minister Mark Stibbe) described a creative miracle he experienced in the 80’s. By creative miracle, he means a healing which involves the sudden appearence of something that previously did not exist, for example like when Jesus gave a man, who was blind from birth, his sight (Jn 9). In Dupont’s case, it concerned a clubfoot that transformed into a normal one  (pp. 130f.):

Clubfoot Transformed

A woman brought her young son, who had a clubfoot, to me for prayer at the end of a meeting. In fact, it was the last of four nightly meetings held while I was visiting a church in the mid-west of the United States. After four nights of extensive ministry I was very tired. So when she showed me his foot with the obvious deformity, my tiredness took over and I felt no faith whatsoever to pray for this five- or six-year-old boy.

As she explained that he could walk OK, but had never been able to run successfully in his life, my heart went out to him, but I still felt my tiredness upon me. To step into a faith mode and believe for the impossible seemed even more impossible at that point in time.

However, as I knelt down and began to pray for his foot, almost immediately right in front of my eyes it began to change shape. What had, more or less, appeared as a block of wood covered by skin began to change into a normal foot with toes, an arch etc, all in normal size and shape. It had taken place so quickly that I was a bit dizzy. I wasn’t sure whether I was actually seeing a miracle happen, or was imagining it. It took all about five seconds for the transition to take place.

The young boy immediately began running around in the room. He was running perfectly for the first time in his life. His mother was jumping up and down and yelling out. I was still kneeling down on the floor, trying to lay hands on this foot that was no longer there. I was in a bit of shock. I hadn’t ‘felt’ anything supernatural, or any power whatsoever. That is precisely what Zechariah meant, however, when he stated, ‘not by might (of man), nor by power (of our own), but by the Holy Spirit’.

Dupont is a man I deeply trust, he has come to our church in Sweden twice, and as you can see in the video above, he clearly connects healing with the Kingdom message of the Gospel (just like his mentor, Vineyard founder John Wimber, did) as well as with compassion and love. As I’ve written before, the gifts are meant to serve people, and Dupont is keen to do that and to support the hurt and broken by praying for their healing.

The Blind See

I got inspired by the testimony above and twittered about it. Soon enough, the missionary Andreas Cucca responded to me:

@helapingsten In february in Guinea, I saw how a blind man’s cloudy eyes became totally clear and he began to see. That took about two minutes.

I asked him for more information, and then he sent me the following testimony:

Cucca and the formerly blind guy

Cucca and the formerly blind guy

During a campaign in february 2012 in the town of Dabola, Guinea, a man from the Fulani people came to the meeting. He hade been blind for 12 years. During the meeting we preached the gospel and people responded for salvation. Like all other campaign nights we prayed also for the sick. We prayed on stage and commanded the diseases to leave the people, that the deaf ears would open, and that blind eyes would begin to see. After the prayer we said to the people to see what Jesus had done, we said “try to do that you could not do before” if you could not see – start to see.

Then we asked those who have experienced a healing to come forward and testify. The man that had been blind for 12 years came and said that he used to be blind, but now he could see. Both me and my father in law were very confused. When we looked into his eyes they were  really cloudy (cataract-like) and he sure enough looked blind. But he clearly showed that he could see. In about 2 minutes on the stage we saw his eyes turn from opaque to completely clear during the time he testified, and he had no problem to pinch my nose when we asked him to show that he had been healed.

Andreas Cucca, Evangelist in Gå Ut Mission

Conclusion: God is good. Pray for more creative miracles! And if you’re still not convinced of this stuff, check out this video (which also includes some erasing miracles, when the Lord removes stuff, for example metal plates that surgeons sometimes place in people’s bodies):

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